PEGATRON Redefines Smart Manufacturing with AI and Unveils the Next Phase of AI Solutions

03, Jun, 2024

Taipei—June 3rd, 2024— PEGATRON, a renowned global DMS company (Design and Manufacturing Service), is thrilled to unveil its latest advancements in AI solutions at COMPUTEX 2024. PEGATRON will unveil the new server demo room at its headquarters, providing an immersive experience to media and customers as it showcases its innovative AI lineup throughout COMPUTEX. Through these demonstrations, PEGATRON aims to continue redefining the future of AI.

Highlights of PEGATRON Server Lab:

1.    Building servers for enterprise AI with the NVIDIA GB200 NVL72.
The NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 — featuring the NVIDIA Blackwell architecture — is a state-of-the-art, multi-node, liquid-cooled, rack-scale system designed to handle the most compute-intensive workloads. This cutting-edge server incorporates NVIDIA BlueField-3 data processing units, offering a wide range of capabilities, including cloud network acceleration, zero-trust security features, and GPU compute elasticity in hyperscale AI clouds.

Server Rack - GB200 NVL72 at the far left

2.    The first peek at the PEGATRON air-cooled MGX 4U server
Experience the future of data center operations with PEGATRON's groundbreaking product, the air-cooled 4U server (named "Marco") based on the NVIDIA MGX reference architecture. This innovative server is designed to revolutionize data center capabilities, empowering businesses to handle complex tasks with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Marco comes with 8 x NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPUs, delivering exceptional AI and graphics performance to elevate computing power. Whether for data center AI training, LLM training, or high-performance computing (HPC), this server is engineered to exceed expectations. Furthermore, Marco will be compatible with future GPUs and retains the flexible design option of water-cooling support.

Server "Marco"

3.    Redefining smart manufacturing with Ronnie server and AI server Jimbo
At the forefront of the new era of smart manufacturing, PEGATRON is proud to introduce the Ronnie and Jimbo AI servers, two cutting-edge solutions that leverage advanced hardware architecture and powerful AI capabilities to redefine the manufacturing landscape.
Ronnie is a powerful and versatile server designed to meet the demanding needs of AI, graphics, and NVIDIA Omniverse-based applications. Built on the NVIDIA MGXreference architecture, Ronnie features a 2U MGX chassis, is equipped with 2P (2-Socket) Intel GNR-SP processors, and can accommodate up to 4 NVIDIA H200 NVL or NVIDIA L40S GPUs.

Jimbo is a high-performance computing system that offers unmatched configurability and scalability to meet each user's specific requirements. Based on the NVIDIA MGX reference architecture, Jimbo is equipped with the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and is optimized for large-scale parallel processing and NVIDIA accelerated computing. This makes Jimbo an ideal choice for applications that demand intensive computational capabilities.

By deploying the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform on Ronnie with NVIDIA L40S GPUs, PEGATRON's developers are creating powerful applications that drive AI-enabled physical digital twins. These digital twins possess the remarkable ability to design, simulate, and optimize products, equipment, and processes in real time, even before they reach production. This transformative technology empowers businesses with the insights and capabilities they need to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and maximize their manufacturing potential.

Server "Ronnie"

4.    PEGATRON to showcase industrial digitalization by combining real-time AI and digital twins
PEGATRON, with years of experience and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, is committed to providing clients with innovative design, systematic production, and manufacturing services to satisfy customers' needs comprehensively and efficiently. The combined power of advanced AI capabilities and digital twin technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by enabling manufacturers to improve the efficiency of physical assets and processes. By leveraging this technology, manufacturers like PEGATRON can remotely showcase their server manufacturing line, simulate different scenarios, and optimize operations in ways that were previously unimaginable. The benefits include enhanced collaboration, improved efficiency, reduced risk, and increased responsiveness to market demands. This level of visibility and control enhances operational efficiency and enables manufacturers to respond quickly to changing market demands. This allows for enhanced collaboration, analysis, and optimization of manufacturing processes. Manufacturers can simulate different scenarios, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

PEGAAi is an advanced AI platform that enables PEGATRON to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence on a large scale. This comprehensive platform allows users to gather and annotate data, and train, deploy, and monitor the performance of AI models. It incorporates cutting-edge software including NVIDIA Metropolis and NVIDIA NeMo to expedite AI implementation. The NVIDIA TAO toolkit offers an extensive array of pre-trained models, while NVIDIA TensorRT and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server significantly enhance inference efficiency. NeMo delivers a suite of services for data curation and fine-tuning of large language models (LLMs). NVIDIA NIM inference microservices provide a straightforward method for deploying AI models to production on NVIDIA accelerated infrastructure. Additionally, PEGAVERSE is a sophisticated digital twin platform built on NVIDIA Omniverse, enabling users to plan, design, and optimize processes through simulations in a virtual environment and collaborate with others remotely. NVIDIA Omniverse Nucleus supports PEGAVERSE by synchronizing digital assets. By integrating NVIDIA DeepStream, AI multi-camera tracking and Pegatron's 5G Camera solution, PEGAVERSE can digitize factory operations information. This integration significantly aids in calculating foot traffic, dwell time, optimizing pathways, and enhancing employee safety. The combination of advanced AI analytics and the speed of 5G connectivity ensures that real-time data processing is both fast and reliable, enabling businesses to make decisions that improve operational efficiency and workplace security. Together, PEGAAi and PEGAVERSE are propelling PEGATRON forward in its journey toward industrial digitalization.

Smart Manufacturing with PEGAAi and PEGAVERSE

5.    PEGATRON's commitment to ESG sustainability: enhancing performance, reducing power consumption.
PEGATRON is dedicated to promoting ESG sustainability by offering innovative solutions that help enterprises improve performance while reducing power consumption. In line with this commitment, the company recognizes the significance of heat dissipation in AI server design.

Introducing the L11 liquid cooling architecture, embodied in PEGATRON's cutting-edge AI server, "Holley." This advanced heat dissipation technology not only enhances server performance but also achieves an impressive 40% energy savings. By seamlessly integrating the L11 system monitoring software and RPU flow control, PEGATRON has established a comprehensive cooling mechanism that ensures optimal performance and efficiency. Looking to the future, PEGATRON's target cooling power is set to support up to 65KW, enabling even greater cooling capacity for evolving computing needs. What sets PEGATRON's cooling technologies apart is that they can be seamlessly applied to existing hardware platforms, including those with NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, and Ampere processors, without requiring additional modifications to data center infrastructure.

In addition, Pegatron has immersion cooling technology. By immersing the server directly in a non-conductive liquid, the heat energy generated by the components is transferred directly to the fluid, without the need for other active cooling parts. This approach helps improve the energy efficiency of the data center, and because traditional air heat convection factors are not considered, servers can be designed to be more compact, and fewer components need to be repaired, since external cooling parts are not required. These cooling technologies and energy-saving measures not only enhance server performance but also align with the company's commitment to ESG sustainable development. PEGATRON is dedicated to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, contributing to environmental protection.

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